Injured? You're not alone...

I have been lucky enough to be injured several times in my life. I have had everything from rotator cuff tendonitis, ankle sprains, shoulder dislocations, ACL tears, shoulder impingment, cervical radiculopathy, whiplash and sciatica, to name a few. These injuries have helped me learn a tremendous amount about pain and recovery and helped me relate to people with their injuries.

Since 2002, I've been in outpatient physical therapy private practice in NY helping individuals recover from injury and trauma. Recently, the focus of my care has been on difficult orthopedic and spinal conditions and in helping those who wish to avoid surgery.

I utilize a combination of physical therapy principles and techniques such as Pilates, the McKenzie Method, neurodynamics, gyrotonics, yoga, Qi Gong and mobilizations with movement to assist those looking to recover and function fully as they were before injury.

"I've had physical therapy and it didn't work!"

Shoulder injuries need Physical Therapy careI hear this far too often as a physical therapist. Sometimes, having a bad experience leads us to assume that the same result will occur with all similar future encounters. Some physical therapists focus more on modalities or passive treatments which can have their place in healing, but in my experience in helping people with difficult and chronic problems, an integrative approach utilizing different methods has been effective in facilitating better, long-term results.


What kind of pain is it?

When I see many people for the first time, one of the things we discuss is what the pain feels like. For some people, this is a difficult question to handle. Pain can be debilitating and life-altering. If you know anyone with chronic pain, fibromyalgia or complex regional pain syndrome, you may have witnessed changes in personality, appearance and behavior..

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" I feel better when I take my pills..."

Your physician may have prescribed anti-inflammatory medication or muscle relaxants to stop inflammation and relieve the pain. This is helpful initially but may not be acomplete solution to the problem. Physical Therapy can help-there can often be a mechanical issue leading...

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  • Pain Management NY
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • McKenzie Manual Therapy

Wise Words

"Nothing will work unless you do."

- Maya Angelou

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Headaches can originate from the neck!

physical therapy can help with neck pain . Many people are plagued by headaches, often during the work day while sitting. Some people note relief with Imitrex or aspririn, but many can benefit from a skilled Physical Therapist's assessment of their posture and flexibility...

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The benefits of dealing with pain early.

Much the same way that when you have a bleeding wound and must bandage it, you should attend to any painful symptoms early on. The pain is there for a reason and there are specialists that can help you determine the cause of your pain.

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The story of the girl who feels no pain.

Imagine what your world would be like if you felt no pain- would you be invincible? While the idea seems intriguing and appealing, you would probably be more severely injured and require more medical attention as a result of being impervious to pain.

Ashlyn Blocker was born with a rare genetic disorder leaving ...

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